Company Profile

We would like to make really good product all over the world popular in JAPAN.

Pointing out what we can do for that

Launch a crowdfunding marketing campaign

Makuake official advisor is backing up our company and that allows us to raise more funds than other companies.

Moreover, talented staff who have been very successful in Makuake will create a promotion page when we sell the products on Makuake.


About Makuake

Makuake is the biggest crowdfunding website in Japan.


We think that there are big 5 purposes to do promotion on Makuake.

  1. Test marketing(This way, we can how Japanese customers would react to your product before selling it to general.)
  2. Pre-sale(Even if the item is incomplete, we can still sell it.)
  3. Media(we’ll take interviews and the product will be featured on each media.)
  4. Business results(Whether we have business results or not, this will affect on our general sales.)
  5. Branding(we can clearly set this apart from other similar products.)

Promoting your products to B2B wholesale

Customers are major Japanese retailers such as Tokyu Hands,Loft,Big Camera,Yodobashi Camera and Tsutaya Electronics.


We can exhibit your product at Tokyo Gift Show and we will take care of cost.


CEO Kyoko Hirata

Location of head office:716,2-3-10 tenjin,chuo-ku,Fukuoka,810-0001,Japan


Business lineup:

  • Purchase
  • Sales
  • Marketing